June 05, 2015


I don't know most of my passwords

I don't know most of my email addresses

But I do know which site shared my email address with spammers

May 14, 2015

On using https mirrors

On confidentiality:

So that they don't know what's inside

April 28, 2015

Updates to the Debian sources editor

Since the announcement of the chrome/chromium and firefox/iceweasel extensions that add in-browser editing of Debian sources there have been a few changes:

  • Update to Ace 1.1.9, which brings quite some fixes
  • Downloads with proper file names! this should work with recent browsers. E.g for a patch it will propose package-version_path_file.patch
  • Changing the order of additions and removals in the generated patches (it was strange to see additions first)
  • Improvements to the compatibility with debsources' URL parameters
  • Allow the extension to be enabled in private browsing mode (firefox/iceweasel)
  • Loading of the extension when browsing debsources via https
  • Internal extension packaging cleanup, including the generation of a versioned copy of the web (remote) files, so that users of version 0.0.x do use the remote code version 0.0.x

If your browser performs automatic updates of the extensions (the default), you should soon be upgraded to version 0.0.10 or later, bringing all those changes to your browser.

Want to see more? multi-file editing? emacs and vim editing modes? in-browser storage of the modified files? that and more can be done, so feel free to join me and contribute to the Debian sources editor!

April 01, 2015

Special guest for the Lyon minidebconf, 2015

It appears that this year's MiniDebconf in Lyon, France is going to have a very special guest. After enjoying so much the Q&A held at Debconf14, Linus Torvalds has decided to make a quick detour from a trip to Europe to bring the opportunity for another session with the Debian community.

The event has yet to appear in the MiniDebconf agenda. Rumor has it that the hurds of fans that tend to attend his events pose a logistics and safety challenge, reason why the event might only appear in the agenda a couple of days before the event.
Lyon being such an easy place to get by train, flight, car, and even by boat, it is understandable and should be expected that a great number of people attend the minidebconf only for his very session.

If you have not yet registered, I'd recommend you to do so now and to book your travel and accommodation ASAP, before everything is overpriced due to high demand.

See you in ten days!

P.S. kudos to the organizers!

January 20, 2015

Edit Debian, with iceweasel

Soon after publishing the chromium/chrome extension that allows you to edit Debian online, Moez Bouhlel sent a pull request to the extension's git repository: all the changes needed to make a firefox extension!

After another session of browser extensions discovery, I merged the commits and generated the xpi. So now you can go download the Debian online editing firefox extension and hack the world, the Debian world.

Install it and start contributing to Debian from your browser. There's no excuse now.

December 16, 2014

Editing Debian online with sources.debian.net

How cool would it be to fix that one bug you just found without having to download a source package? and without leaving your browser?

Inspired by github's online code editing, during Debconf 14 I worked on integrating an online editor on debsources (the software behind sources.debian.net). Long story short: it is available today, for users of chromium (or anything supporting chrome extensions).

After installing the editor for sources.debian.net extension, go straight to sources.debian.net and enjoy!

Go from simple debsources:

To debsources on steroids:

All in all, it brings:
  • Online editing of all of Debian
  • In-browser patch generation, available for download
  • Downloading the modified file
  • Sending the patch to the BTS
  • Syntax highlighting for over 120 file formats!
  • More hidden gems from Ace editor that can be integrated thanks to patches from you

Clone it or fork it:
git clone https://github.com/rgeissert/ace-sourced.n.git

For example, head to apt's source code, find a typo and correct it online: open apt.cc, click on edit, make the changes, click on email patch. Yes! it can generate a mail template for sending the patch to the BTS: just add a nice message and your patch is ready to be sent.

Didn't find any typo to fix? how sad, head to codesearch and search Debian for a spelling mistake, click on any result, edit, correct, email! you will have contributed to Debian in less than 5 minutes without leaving your browser.

The editor was meant to be integrated into debsources itself, without the need of a browser extension. This is expected to be done when the requirements imposed by debsources maintainers are sorted out.

Kudos to Harlan Lieberman who helped debug some performance issues in the early implementations of the integration and for working on the packaging of the Ace editor.

April 01, 2014

Rant: no more squeeze LTS

Following my blog post about Long Term Support for Debian squeeze, the news was picked up by Slashdot, Reddit (again), Barrapunto, Twitter, and Phoronix (in spite of their skepticism).

Over 300 persons, some representing their companies, contacted the security team since the news about the LTS came out - it all seemed like things were finally rrolling.

However, a few days before the coordination mailing list was setup, a not-so-friendly mail was received from a legal officer of a company that produces a RPM derivative with Long Term Support and paid support contracts. The company-that-can't-be-named from here on, due to trademark abuse.

Long story short: the Debian Squeeze LTS project has been boycotted and threatened. Unfair competition (antitrust law) has been brought up against the project, among other threats.

So, great move company-that-can't-be-named, you got it - there won't be LTS, it's been decided and the interested parties have been notified. Perhaps you want to take over the actual development?